KL Studio container image

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KL Studio container image


Post by flaper87 »

Hi Folks!

I was having some issues getting KL Studio to work on Archlinux (few incompatibilities with GTK and other parts of the system) so I went ahead and put it inside a container image. I figured others may face the same issues so I pushed the Dockerfile and other scripts to a GH repo.

Hope you'll find it useful: https://github.com/flaper87/kaffelogic-studio-container

P.S: I won't push an image myself as I don't want to become a distributor of KL Studio builds. The docker build process should take care of downloading the image from KL website and building the container locally. I would suggest others to just follow this and avoid pushing images that may become stale in the future and confuse new members.

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Re: KL Studio container image


Post by fatalsaint »

Flaper, excellent work - I appreciate it.

Since KL no longer releases Deb's, I forked your code and updated it for Snap releases (https://github.com/fatalsaint/kaffelogi ... -container), happy to try and PR back if you want but thought I'd comment here in case anyone found this thread looking in the Forums (like I did).
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