ATTN: Green bean sellers

Roast profiles for specific beans, supplied by green bean sellers
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ATTN: Green bean sellers


Post by wilfong »

If you post profiles suited for your beans in this area, it might result in Kaffelogic owners purchasing beans from you. If you upload good profiles, we may buy even more beans. If we love the results from your uploaded profiles, who knows where it could lead?

We want to utilize profiles on our roasters that give great-tasting results. You could be a part of this.
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Re: ATTN: Green bean sellers


Post by discoaus »

The only way for green bean sellers to do this properly would be for them to own a KL and use it to design profiles. Green bean sellers can sometimes add altitudes and such for you to have a guide on what to go on, but you shouldn’t use what they list as a perfect one size fits all. You need to do your own testing at the end of the day, as you roasting on your KL in different states of Australia can vary because of ambient temperature,humidity, the altitude you live, and then from different countries this will vary also. You may have a different batch of say a Colombian bean to someone else, so it would be very hard for these sellers to target to the KL community. You can do research on this page from others that have used a similar or same bean, but only take it as a reference as it may not work for you!

There are so many varying factors, so unfortunately, I can’t agree with your post for sellers to add these kinds of details as the KL roaster is one of many roasters out there that would use their green beans

Goodluck with your roasting process, as its not just a simple pick a profile and it will turn out perfectly, I have had plenty of roasts that were horrible, just document along the way with a spreadsheet or note of some sort to help eliminate what worked and didn’t work
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