Colombia Excelso

Share your tasting notes and evaluation of the beans you have roasted, plus evaluation of the different profiles you have used.
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Colombia Excelso


Post by theiguanaoz »

What a beauty this bean is. It's very mellow yet manages to cut through milk and still be enjoyed as an interesting espresso.

Roasted set-and-forget to 3.0 on K-Logic Classic and left to sit for 3 days - notes as follows:

Espresso: red wine like, caramel syrup without the milk. Hint of earthiness.
With milk: caramel bomb. Might have to go a little darker to bring out the choc notes, but this is a nice break from my espresso blends.

Recipe: 15gm (VST basket) at 93c. 28 grams out.
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Re: Colombia Excelso


Post by grant »

I enjoy it roasted really dark. I don't get a lot chocolate even at second crack, but it develops such good mouthfeel and smoothness in addition to more of a molasses like as mentioned.
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Re: Colombia Excelso


Post by discoaus »

When i had these beans i had some great success with the “Brazil” created profile. For some reason I don’t have the roast level written on my spreadsheet, but if I ever get these beans again, I will do some more further testing!

EDIT: Just seen i wrote it was best between level 2-4
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